The 2017 U of T International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Campaign Award Recipients
What’s Anti-Racism Good for Now?

Definitions | ARCDO Advisory Committee

Liza Arnason

Nana Frimpong
Undergraduate Student
Coordinator, Racialized Student Collective
Volunteer & Research Assistant, Equity & Diversity Office
University of Toronto Scarborough

Nana Frimpong is a leader in advancing anti-racism in racialized and Indigenous communities through the Racialized Student Collective (RSC) and the Equity & Diversity Office (EDO). Nana became the first coordinator of RSC, a space for Indigenous and racialized students to mobilize against racist systems through their bi-weekly conversation series, “Real Talks.” Recently, Nana facilitated a conversation that centered on Islamophobia and racism in western politics for a group of twenty Muslim and Black identified students. In both her roles, Nana applies an intersectional and critical race lens in an effort to create equitable and anti-oppressive spaces for all students.

Nana Frimpong advances anti-racism by…raising awareness in racialized and Indigenous communities in an effort to create equitable and anti-oppressive spaces for all students

La Toya DennieDawn Maracle
Program Coordinator
Office of Indigenous Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto

Dawn is a Bear Clan woman from the Kanienkeha Nation of Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario. Dawn has 25 years of experience in Indigenous grass-roots, community-based, academic research, writing, curriculum, and organizing. She is a Public Speaker/Consultant/Teacher/ Author/Performer working in Indigenous Health from access to curriculum, visual culture, student services, training and advising. Dawn is a Blanket Exercise facilitator and is passionate about education, health and wellness.

Dawn has led several anti-racism initiatives such as: The Hallway Diversity Project which seeks to improve the visibility of diverse individuals and communities in the physical spaces within the Faculty of Medicine to ensure that historically marginalized community members see themselves reflected in the medical community. The Blanket Exercise training sessions serve to educate Faculty of Medicine community members about Indigenous history, knowledge and experiences of oppression and genocide. The Summer Mentorship Program and Yeyenthos: Planting Seeds are initiatives that expose young Indigenous youth to the sciences and medicine to facilitate better access to these professions in the future. Finally, the Peggy Hill Lecture is an important annual event that profiles important topics in Indigenous health, which helps educate all community members on health equity issues. Dawn is a co-founder of the multi-faith women’s leadership initiative: Women and Wisdom Canada.

Dawn Maracle advances anti-racism by…creating representative diversity / visual culture throughout U of T, so that Indigenous and other underrepresented students can see themselves reflected back in the spaces on our campuses.

Susan LeeKimberlEy Tull
Manager of Community Development & Engagement
University of Toronto Scarborough

Kimberley has over 20 years’ experience in anti-racism, anti-oppression, community development and relationship building work. Her role at the University involves rethinking traditional, institutional systems of power and privilege, and raising awareness and understanding about the barriers of access to post-secondary institutions, racial dynamics and inequities at play to faculty and staff who engage in community partnerships.

A passionate advocate and champion for change, Kimberley provides mentorship, facilitates discussions and implements practices on inclusive pedagogies; community building; and critical reflection - examining how our positions in society, as they intersect with race, class, gender, and other identities, impact the ways in which we function. Her passion is evident through her involvement on initiatives that create community and networking spaces for various groups (i.e. the re-establishment of the University of Toronto’s Black Alumni Association, IDERD Programming at UTSC, co-creation of UTSC’s Community-University Partnership Model, Hurdle to Success, Connections and Conversations, Council of Aboriginal Initiatives and the Anti-Black Racism Group).

Kimberley advances anti-racism by…raising awareness and understanding about the barriers of access to post-secondary institutions and helping to bring attention to racial dynamics and inequities that can manifest in community partnerships with the University.