Unfiltered: Truth Talks
The ARCDO Drop-in Program

The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office  launched a drop-in program in the fall of the 2013/14 academic year called “Unfiltered: Truth Talks”- a safe space for students to engage conversations around race, racism, ethnicity, culture, creed and the intersections among them, inside and outside of the classroom. The program is peer facilitated and is an opportunity for students to support each other and find community amongst those with similar lived experiences. Some past discussion themes include:

  • The effects of colourblindness: Have you seen or experienced colourblindness enacted at U of T?
  • Internalized oppressions: How have dominant ideas and your experiences influenced the way that you see yourself?

Students have responded quite positively to the development of this space; noting the lack of opportunities to have these conversations elsewhere on campus. Participants have asked to have more discussions in which various intersectionalities are discussed (i.e. the intersections between race, faith, gender and sexuality) as well as more discussions around anti-racist strategies. Peer facilitators will continue to seek feedback and source discussion themes from students in hopes of encouraging students to place a stake in the program’s success.

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Unfiltered: Truth Talks