University of Toronto Marks Black History Month and Indigenous Education Week

“Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.” Rosemary Brown – Canadian politician, first black woman elected to parliament

February is an important month for anti-racism and cultural diversity in Canada. February marks Black History Month and Indigenous Education Week. Many communities at the University of Toronto will be reflecting on their heritage and sharing their histories with us this month. Let us all take some time to recognize and honour the communities that contribute to making U of T great! Come out to one of the many Black History Month and/or Indigenous Education Week events taking place this month.


IDERD 2016

The Deadline for 2016 IDERD Call for Nominations is almost Here! Submit a nomination for a student, faculty or staff member.

Do you know someone on campus who is doing anti-racism work or are you doing it yourself? Then this call is for you. Submit a nomination to recognize a member of the University of Toronto community doing anti-racism work. The deadline for nominations is February 12, 2016. The Awards will be handed out at the IDERD Awards ceremony in the spring.

Other news this month

Hip Hop for a Different Future:
Decolonization, Spirituality and Social Transformation

Hip Hop is anti-racist and de-colonial as a cultural movement, art form, educational philosophy and way of being. This series of events features critical conversations with artists, scholars, educators and activists on Hip Hop, decolonization, liberation, spirituality and preferred futures.

Indigenous Education Week

The 2016 Indigenous Education Week at the University of Toronto will be held from February 22nd to the 26th. Indigenous Education Week is a series of events for students, staff, faculty, and the community to participate in and learn about Indigenous knowledges, nationhood, and the diversity of Indigenous nations. Our broad theme for 2016 is Land and Pedagogy. As Indigenous peoples, our relationship to the land is paramount and is connected to health, spirituality, and nationhood.

Anti-Black Racism Conference & The Akua Benjamin Public Lecture

The Anti-Black Racism Conference: Community, Resistance and Criminalization will rigorously advance the scholarship on social issues facing Black Canadians and find meaningful and sustainable ways of addressing these problems by bringing together leading academics, community members and organizers, students, human services providers, policy makers, and artists across Canada.

For more information about the above events, check out our newsletter!

For more information on our other upcoming events (Winter Unfiltered Truth Talks and Winter Race and Faith Dialogues), see our Events page.

Learning from Historical Tragedies to Combat Racial Discrimination Today

Liza Arnason

Liza Arnason advances anti-racism by…
promoting cultural development, challenging oppression, celebrating diversity as strength, and creating opportunities for marginalized students. Liza is a mentor, advocate, and fierce asset to the University community
- Liza Arnason, Director, Department of Student Life, University of Toronto Scarborough

Learn more about Liza Arnason

La Toya Dennie

La Toya Dennie advances anti-racism by…
identifying systemic barriers and being relentless in her pursuit for change. La Toya is pushing boundaries to increase cultural diversity at U of T, create opportunities for learning, prevent racial discrimination, and promote inclusivity.
- La Toya Dennie, Outreach Coordinator, Office of Health Professions, Student Affairs Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto

Learn more about La Toya Dennie

Susan Lee

Susan Lee advances anti-racism by…
examining identity, empowering students to address racial oppression, and advancing advocacy and programming around the intersections of race, indigeneity, gender, sexuality, and religion.
-Susan Lee, Assistant Manager, Co-Curricular Diversity and Equity, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto

Learn more about Susan Lee

Kathy Vi Mac

Kathy Vi Mac advances anti-racism by…
generating empowering spaces where students can speak openly about complex experiences of race, culture, sexuality and gender. Kathy seeks to help marginalized students build community by bridging diverse spaces in constructive ways.
- Kathy Vi Mac, Student, MA Candidate, Social Justice Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), Student-Staff, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, University of Toronto

Learn more about Kathy Vi Mac

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