Welcome to all new and returning students to what promises to be another fruitful academic year! At U of T we’re lucky enough to host students, staff, and faculty from all walks of life; each who contribute vastly to the University community through sharing their unique lived experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.

The University of Toronto is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination that is condusive to its mandate as a leading institution of post-secondary education and an employer of choice. The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office serves faculty, staff and students in various ways to help facilitate a supportive environment within which to live, learn and work. To request assistance from the Office, please email us at antiracism@utoronto.ca.


In Celebration of Black History Month:

Salute – The Movie: Film Screening and Discussion with Dr. John Carlos

Salute - The Movie

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Other[ed.]: What is decolonizing education in the Post-Secondary setting?

The new video produced by the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office exploring diverse perspectives on decolonizing education, the application of decolonizing practices, and its connections to anti-racism change.

Decolonizing Education towards the Advancement of Anti-Racism

Dr. Maria Assif

Dr. Maria Assif advances anti-racism…
by providing spaces for Arab women writers to display their written and visual work while encouraging the audience to look beyond stereotypical images of the oppressed, voiceless, burca-clad Arab woman.  
- Dr. Maria Assif, Associate Chair & Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Toronto Scarborough

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Wanda Nanibush

Wanda Nanibush advances anti-racism…
through her work with and on behalf of Aboriginal artists, by working to create spaces for Aboriginal artists to display their work and challenge Eurocentric modes of artistic expression.
- Wanda Nanibush, Curator in Residence, Hart House, University of Toronto

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Susan Blight

Susan Blight advances anti-racism…
through her dedication to Indigenous language revitalization, tutoring, and mentoring of U of T students.
-Susan Blight, Aboriginal Student Life Coordinator, First Nations House, University of Toronto

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Kevin Lunianga

Kevin Lunianga advances anti-racism…
by being a role model who builds cultural diversity and anti-racism awareness in the co-curricular and extracurricular lives of U of T students. Kevin sparks and facilitates continuous, day-to-day, informal discussions around questions of race with students, and actively works to incorporate an anti-racist perspective in to his role a residence don.
- Kevin Lunianga, Student, Chestnut Residence Don & Advisor, University of Toronto

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Justin Leigh Struss

Justin Leigh Struss advances anti-racism…
by bringing together youth from diverse backgrounds to explore Aboriginal culture and dispel problematic stereotypes so as to combat systemic and institutional racism.
- Justin Leigh Struss, Student,Health Studies Students’ Union, University of Toronto

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Professor Njoki Wane

Professor Njoki Wane advances anti-racism…
through her mentorship and guidance provided to current and aspiring teachers working to challenge the status quo and advance anti-racism. Her long-standing commitment and exceptional leadership as an anti-racist educator represents her quest to improve systemic circumstances for future generations.
- Professor Njoki Wane, Director, Centre of Integrative Anti-Racism Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

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