Welcome to all new and returning students to what promises to be another fruitful academic year! At U of T we’re lucky enough to host students, staff, and faculty from all walks of life; each who contribute vastly to the University community through sharing their unique lived experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.

The University of Toronto is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination that is condusive to its mandate as a leading institution of post-secondary education and an employer of choice. The Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office serves faculty, staff and students in various ways to help facilitate a supportive environment within which to live, learn and work. To request assistance from the Office, please email us at antiracism@utoronto.ca.


Statement from President Gertler on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Read the statement from President Gertler on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Safety Information for Students, Staff and Faculty

It is the goal of the University of Toronto to do everything possible to create an environment where students, staff and faculty can feel safe to learn, work and live.

Several offices recently joined together to create SAFETY.UTORONTO a website that acts as the first door to other resources and services, both on and off-campus.

The site provides student, staff and faculty with information on a number of tri-campus resources relating to safety programs and services, as well as emergency resources for those requiring immediate assistance.

Listed services and resources include:

  • Campus Police
  • Community Safety Office
  • 24-hour Off Campus Crisis Resources
  • Emergency Housing Services
  • Work Alone Program
  • Assault Counselling
  • Safety Abroad Program
  • U of T Health & Wellness Services
  • Sexual Harassment Office
  • WalkSafer Programs
  • Self Defense Programs
The website also holds information on the Presidential & Provostial Advisory Committee for the Prevention & Response to Sexual Violence such as updates on the committee work, membership, and resources for victims of sexual assault and guidance for those that may be supporting a disclosure of sexual violence.

"I AM U of T"

A short video produced by the work-study students of the University of Toronto's Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office (ARCDO), highlighting the voices of U of T students as they discuss being racialized and how they are claiming space at the University.

Learning from Historical Tragedies to Combat Racial Discrimination Today

Liza Arnason

Liza Arnason advances anti-racism by…
promoting cultural development, challenging oppression, celebrating diversity as strength, and creating opportunities for marginalized students. Liza is a mentor, advocate, and fierce asset to the University community
- Liza Arnason, Director, Department of Student Life, University of Toronto Scarborough

Learn more about Liza Arnason

La Toya Dennie

La Toya Dennie advances anti-racism by…
identifying systemic barriers and being relentless in her pursuit for change. La Toya is pushing boundaries to increase cultural diversity at U of T, create opportunities for learning, prevent racial discrimination, and promote inclusivity.
- La Toya Dennie, Outreach Coordinator, Office of Health Professions, Student Affairs Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto

Learn more about La Toya Dennie

Susan Lee

Susan Lee advances anti-racism by…
examining identity, empowering students to address racial oppression, and advancing advocacy and programming around the intersections of race, indigeneity, gender, sexuality, and religion.
-Susan Lee, Assistant Manager, Co-Curricular Diversity and Equity, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto

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Kathy Vi Mac

Kathy Vi Mac advances anti-racism by…
generating empowering spaces where students can speak openly about complex experiences of race, culture, sexuality and gender. Kathy seeks to help marginalized students build community by bridging diverse spaces in constructive ways.
- Kathy Vi Mac, Student, MA Candidate, Social Justice Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), Student-Staff, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, University of Toronto

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