The summer is here in its full glory! And while U of T’s three campuses might be a bit quieter, with fewer classes and staff gearing up for the upcoming academic year, the city is heating up with summer festivals and events. Whether you are wrapping up 2015-2016 or are planning for the 2016-2017 academic year, take some time to enjoy one of Toronto’s many festivals.


Inaugural Gathering of the U of T Affinity Group, Connections & Conversations

You are invited to the inaugural gathering of the U of T affinity group Connections and Conversations taking place on September 15, 2016.

Connections and Conversations is an affinity group for racialized staff at the University of Toronto and their supporters. The staff-driven initiative offers discussions and a support network for racialized staff to flourish at U of T. The focus is to create an open and empowering environment for racialized staff to celebrate their accomplishments and contribute their unique ideas and talents to the University through networking, mentoring and other activities. Local chapters were created on all three campuses, earlier this year.

Please see event details and be sure to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you at this event!


There’s not much we can count on in this life, but these events taking place every year in Toronto are some of them. Find more events on Toronto Events Calendar.

Other events and news

University of Toronto Statement on the events in Orlando

The University of Toronto community has reacted with horror and grief at the news … Read the University of Toronto statement

Values of Diversity, Inclusion, Respect and Civility

See the recent Statement by President Meric Gertler and Provost Cheryl Regehr reiterating the University’s fundamental values of diversity, inclusion, respect and civility. The Statement is posted at the following link:

Connections and Conversations Moves Ahead to Establish Local Chapters

Over 85 staff members across all three U of T campuses attended the planning meetings to establish local chapters of Connections and Conversations, the affinity group for racialized staff. 

The Connections and Conversations Steering Committee was very pleased with the attendance on each of the three campuses and felt that staff response signalled that the formation of Connections and Conversations resonated for many staff.

History, Legacy, and Reconcilitation:
Indigenous Education and the Role of the University of Toronto

Rochelle Allan

Rochelle Allan advances anti-racism…
by improving the discourse on Indigenous Health within the Undergraduate Medical Education program at U of T. Her work has enhanced supports for Indigenous students within Undergraduate Medical Education, and has helped to increase curriculum options around Indigenous health.
- Rochelle Allan, Indigenous Peoples’ UME Program Coordinator, Office of Indigenous Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Learn more about Rochelle Allan

Law in Action Within Schools

Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) advances anti-racism…
by impacting the lives of over 1000, predominantly racialized, students in the GTA by providing access to the legal profession. Through mentoring, job shadowing and summer jobs with lawyers, judges and justices of the peace the LAWS program provides a range of opportunities for these students.
- Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS), Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Learn more about Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS)

2015 Racial Justice Matters Organizing Committee

The 2015 Racial Justice Matters Conference Organizing Committee advances anti-racism…
by sparking thought-provoking conversations about how we as a public health community can begin to address racial health inequities as service providers, researchers and advocates.
-2015 Racial Justice Matters Organizing Committee at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Pictured Conference Co-Chairs: Top left to right: Navita Singh, Eden Hagos
Bottom left to right: Meena Bhardwaj, Anjum Sultana

Learn more about the 2015 Racial Justice Matters Organizing Committee

Audrey Rochette

Audrey Rochette advances anti-racism…
by working with the Native Students Association on a petition and awareness raising campaign to get a mandatory Indigenous studies course for all students. Audrey has travelled to several First Nations communities and impact their youth directly through outreach and the arts.
- Audrey Rochette, Program Assistant, Woodsworth College Academic Bridging Mentorship Program, University of Toronto

Learn more about Audrey Rochette

Dhanela Sivaparan

Dhanela Sivaparan advances anti-racism…
by increasing the access and participation of Indigenous graduate students for the Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE) program. Dhanela has further promoted social justice through her proactive roles with U of T’s Native Students’ Association, UME Office of Indigenous Medical Education and U of T’s Council of Aboriginal Initiatives.
- Dhanela Sivaparan, Graduate Student, Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE) Coordinator, Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, University of Toronto

Learn more about Dhanela Sivaparan