University of Toronto 2017 IDERD Conference and Award Ceremony

The University of Toronto 2017 IDERD Campaign was held over two days (March 20–21, 2017).

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“Building capacity is an essential precondition, a sine qua non, for our collective efforts towards reconciliation.”

The President and Provost have jointly responded to the final report of the U of T Truth and Reconciliation Commission Steering Committee. See the full response on the Provost's website.

Stand Up Canadian Blackness: Past. Present. Future.

This multi-partner collaborative at the University of Toronto is seeking to engage students, staff, faculty and the broader community in dialogue and action planning with respect to the historical and present experiences of blackness in the Canadian context, with a particular focus on experiences in the post-secondary environments.

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Anti-Islamophobia Motion Passed in the Ontario Legislature

On February 23, 2017, the Ontario legislature unanimously passed an anti-Islamophobia motion. Find out more about the anti-Islamophobia motion.

Connections and Conversations

Connections and Conversations is an affinity group for racialized staff at the University of Toronto and their supporters. Find out dates and locations for local chapter meetings.

Race, Religion, and Conversation: A Genealogical Approach

Part of a colloquium series with keynote speaker: Robert Bernasconi, Sparks Professor of Philosophy & African American Studies, Pennsylvania State University.

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What’s Anti-Racism Good for Now?

Nana Frimpong

Nana Frimpoing advances anti-racism…
by raising awareness in racialized and Indigenous communities in an effort to create equitable and anti-oppressive spaces for all students
- Nana Frimpong, Undergraduate Student Coordinator, Racialized Student Collective Volunteer & Research Assistant, Equity & Diversity Office University of Toronto Scarborough

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Dawn Maracle

Dawn Maracle advances anti-racism…
by creating representative diversity / visual culture throughout U of T, so that Indigenous and other underrepresented students can see themselves reflected back in the spaces on our campuses.
- Dawn Maracle, Program Coordinator, Office of Indigenous Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

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Kimberley Tull

Kimberley Tull advances anti-racism…
by raising awareness and understanding about the barriers of access to post-secondary institutions and helping to bring attention to racial dynamics and inequities that can manifest in community partnerships with the University.
-Kimberley Tull

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